Playtrekker Of The Month 1999

December 1999

William DeWitt aka BillyDKid9, nominated by Dasdasa

November 1999

Greg Lustig, nominated for all his help getting Fan Club clearenced goodies to fellow Playtrekkers.

October 1999

Ken Savin aka Captain Ken, nominated by Kelly Hoffman

POTM- Every Darn Month of the Year

This page wouldnít be complete without recognizing itís King!! Without Robert Porter (sleestak2) none of this would be possible. He`s so cute!!

Playtrekís Resident Webwrangler

If youíve ever had the pleasure of dealing with Chris Doyle, count yourself fortunate, heís a true gentlemen. For his unending contributions to Playtrek, itís my pleasure to have him on my page!!

July 1999

Joan Butrum aka Imdeadjim, nominated by: Data Incomplete

June 1999

  • Data Incomplete: Help Needed

May 1999

Karin & Tim Alonzo, nominated by Roberto, Helen & Ron Russell, and Melissa Perry.

April 1999

Michael Munoz aka TrekSaver, nominated by DiehardDonald

March 1999

Melissa Perry aka kirafan, nominated by: Data Incomplete

Febuary 1999

John V. Schmidt, nominated for his work on the Family album, twisted head swap theater, and so many other great things.

January 1999

Charles Apple, nominated for his time and time again willingness to help fellow Playtrekkers. Thanks for setting such a high standard, ya holo hunk of lovin!

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