Playtrekker Of The Month 1998

December 1998

Dean Andrade aka dasdasa, nominated for his exceptional work overseeing the Playtrek "Toys for Tots" program which distributed well over 300 toys for kids everywhere. Plus, those Playtrek pins and membership cards were pretty darn cool too!!

November 1998

Aries Galindo aka rmadillo, nominated for the numerous good trader posts written about her (myself included).

October 1998

Kevin Moore aka Kevin of Nine, nomimated cause it seemed everyone and their brother got a package by way of Canada that past month.

September 1998 (Special "Above and Beyond" Award)

Andrew Novasitis aka AndyNova, nominated for this special recognition for his incredible hard work on the Playtrek T-Shirts, they were a huge success.

September 1998

Rick Whitelock aka NewForce4U, there's not enough room on this webpage to list all of Rick's fans. Simply put, he's the best!!

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