Playtrekker Of The Month 2003

Playtrekker Of The Year 2003

Congrats Kelly! Ironic that you call yourself a slacker when you done so much to make Playtrek a fun place. You're no slacker when it comes to your Playtrek friends! Kelly's contributions to her fellow Playtrekkers range far and wide. She hosts the Playtrek birthday page, letting us all keep up with our fellow Playtrekker's birthdays. She's part of the Playtrek Web Wranglin' team, helping to keep the Playtrek website updated. One big accomplishment was that she wrote and published a book on Playmates Star Trek toys! (If you haven't bought her book, do so NOW!) She was the host of Playtrekfest 2003, allowing Playtrekkers to invade her home, feeding them, and best of all, allowing them to play with all her toys. She is always quick to cut a deal for trades of toys and other stuff. She never scalps and sometimes even just *gives* stuff away. I should also add that this is just what she does for Playtrek. She's involved heavily in the sci-fi/horror community, organizing local clubs of fans and running her Sci Fi Portal site ( for the entertainment of the entire world. Kelly is one special person who could never be confused with Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta) as she's way above and beyond that. She is truly a great person. Thanks, Kelly, for giving us all an inspiration. The award is well deserved.

December 2003

Doug is a great Playtrekker and has done great service for the list in organizing the 2003 Playtrek Secret Spock gift exchange. Doug has been with Playtrek for a long time, always will to jump in on the various Playtrek events and helping out others with toys wherever possible. He's run the Secret Spock program in years past and knows the challenges that come with it. But again in 2003, he willingly took on those challenges and once again ran the gift exchange. Challenges include communicating with members to make sure everyone has their gifts sent out and received and that everyone is satisfied. He has once again done a stellar job of it. For this reason and so many more, Doug is the December Playtrekker of the Month.

November 2003

This month's winner was thought so highly of that he was re-nominated after missing out (narrowly, I might add) on winning POTM last month. That says something about how highly he is regarded for his actions. He helped many Playtrekkers get the Avon TOS three-pack for the best deal possible, all at his cost only. Dale has been with Playtrek almost since the beginning seven years ago and has always been in semi-lurker mode, but always willing to jump into the fun on occasion. He's participated in contests, spoken his opinions, and has always been a pleasure to have around. On occasion, he's helped out with "at cost" toys, but felt he could really help out in a big way by offering a low, low $15 for the Avon three-pack of Kirk, Spock and McCoy for his fellow Playtrekkers and asked for nothing but original costs in recompense. Very nice, indeed!

October 2003

Liza is a relatively new Playtrekker, but she jumped right in with some enthusiastic and fun posts. She knows her toys and has been collecting for a while now. In the process of thinning out her collection, she has been helping out many Playtrekkers with "at cost" or sometimes even below her own cost for some of her toys. She's been giving some great deals to fellow Playtrekkers, including on some of the rarest of the rare. She's a blast to hang with at trek conventions and has been known to give away many of her autograph tickets. It is for these reasons and so much more that Liza Niav is awarded the October Playtrekker of the Month.

September 2003

This past month's winner is a bit of a sad occasion, but a fitting memorial of sorts. He has always been quick to help his fellow Playtrekkers with hard-to-find Star Trek and Simpsons toys and has participated in several Playtrek events, including contests and Playtrekfests. Steve came to Playtrek thanks to Playtrekker of the Year 2001 winner, Melissa Perry. They shared a passion for Star Trek dinnerware and when they found each other on eBay, she introduced him to Playtrek. He joined and jumped right in with posting and joining in the the contests and conversations. He was always willing to help out with "at cost" toys for fellow Playtrekkers and helped many add to their collections. He was also a member of the Playtrekker of the Month committee. So it was sad news indeed when it was discovered that Steve had unexpectedly passed away in August. It came as a shock to many. It allowed many of us a moment of introspection upon what our collections really mean to us, what we consider important in our lives, and the sense of family that exists on Playtrek. We remember Steve by honoring him as the Playtrekker of the Month. Hopefully this will bring a smile to his face as he sits on his cloud up in heaven enjoying his cats once again knocking over all his dream-come-true Star Trek toys on display. He was a good guy and he is missed. It is for this reason and so much more that Steve Turnavian is awarded the September Playtrekker of the Month.

August 2003

Jordan has a long history of helping out fellow Playtrekkers -- so much so that this is the third time he's been awarded the honor in as many years. He really is a great guy and the embodiment of the altrusitic spirit of Playtrek. What's really cool is he does it all quietly and behind the scenes, not looking for any sort of public praise. He doesn't post to the list too often, but he has touched the lives of many a Playtrekker. Chances are good that nearly half the membership has had a transaction with him and benefitted from his kindness. It is for this reason and so much more that Jordan Louie is awarded the August Playtrekker of the Month.

July 2003

Joe, a past winner of the award, has always been a cool guy to have on Playtrek. He's participated in several events, including various contests. He's been involved in several Playtrek gatherings, including making up and running some of the games at Playtrekfests, and organizing the Playtrek in Vegas events. Added to that, he's always willing to help out with "at cost" Star Trek merchandise, demonstrating the true Playtrek spirit. And last, but not least and the primary reason he has earned this award, Joe orginanized the ordering, sale and distribution of the Playtrek glassware, all with his own time and at no profit to himself. It's for all these reasons that Joe Traum is awarded the July Playtrekker of the Month.

June 2003

Heather has been with Playtrek for a while now, always an active, fun member of the list. She's been quietly helping out other Playtrekkers with "at cost" toys ever since she joined and has always been a pleasure to deal with. Now, with a whole lot of Playtrekkers hot to get the hard-to-get Art Asylum con exclusive yellow-shirted Kirk, she's making efforts to get as many as she can for fellow Playtrekkers and is asking for nothing but cost in return. That's the Playtrek spirit!

May 2003

Bill, a past Playtrekker of the Month (February 2001), has long been a participating member of Playtrek and has always been willing to help out with "at cost" hot toys, customs, and other cool stuff. He gets involved with list activities (when his thankless public service job allows). And he's always been good for a laugh, even when being irascible and grumpy, all in his own, special, colorful way. Bill has always stood out on Playtrek, but selling four hard-to-find Art Asylum Shran figures at cost has helped push him over the top (or is that edge?). It's for all these reasons that Bill Eggler is awarded the May Playtrekker of the Month.

April 2003

This award is long overdue -- Kelly has been around for a long time, often quietly helping out fellow Playtrekkers with at-cost or even giveaway deals. She is such a fan that she even ended up writing and getting a book published on Playmates Star Trek collectibles! In March and April there were a lot of people eager to get a copy of the difficult-and-time-consuming-to-dowload Starship Exeter fan film and Kelly sent out loads of CDRs of the film, as well as other goodies, all for free! Very, very generous of her and true to the Playtrek spirit. She's also hosting Playtrekfest 2003 this year. What a Playtrekker!

March 2003

For his generosity in helping out Playtrekkers, in particular with some Star Wars (off topic!) toys at cost, the March Playtrekker of the Month is Andy Novasitis. Andy has certainly been a fixture on Playtrek for quite a while now, maintaining the Playtrek Good Trader page, a great big page of Playtrek pictures, multiple instances of Playtrek merchandising, and always selling toys -- many of them hard-to-finds -- at his cost only. He's a past Playtrekker of the Month winner as well as the 2000 Playtrekker of the Year winnner (which garnered him a Playtrek Duck), which should show how much Andy is loved on Playtrek. Read Andy's acceptance speech.

February 2003

Jason has always been a generous member of the group, but this month he gave lots of extra energy to the Hallmark 1701-A ornament campaign. Jason really has gone to a lot of effort to make this Hallmark 1701-A campaign a success. He's actively helped to edit the website, he's made up the PDF file, and he's been in contact with Hallmark several times over the weeks, sharing their insight. When (not if) the Hallmark 1701-A gets made, much of the thanks will go to Jason.

January 2003

Chris is a founding member of Playtrek from way back in 1997 and he's truly an integral member of the Playtrek family. He's always been generous in his trades, often dropping in a few extra goodies for the items he's sending, in the true Playtrek spirit. He's always fun to have around and willing to get into the various Playtrek events and have fun with it. This month's award for Playtrekker of the Month is one that's long overdue.

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