Playtrekker Of The Month 2004

Playtrekker Of The Year 2004

Congrats Emily! It was some time in 1999 (possibly earlier) that Emily came to Playtrek, doing so in a big way when she posted her image on the Playtrek Family Album, thus throwing Charles Apple and many other male Playtrekkers into hormonal overload. Since then, she's had fun on Playtrek, always collecting the rare toys (she owns the 1701s!) and working to trade and sell to fellow Playtrekkers at cost. Originally hailing from Florida, she now lives in Pennsylvania and has attended several Playtrekfests in the area. She was a key player in helping to try and get the carded Flashback Janeway project off the ground, when she set up a meeting with a local vacuform maker to get the bubbles made. Just recently, she went so far as to paint herself green just to tease Playtrekker Andy Novasitis. What fun! But what probably pushed Emily's nomination as Playtrekker of the Year over the top is the fact that she has had a very key role in saving Playtrek. With humility and great generosity, Emily has volunteered her time, energy and computer resources to not only registering and hosting the domain name, but also setting up and hosting the Playtrek mailing list itself. Everyone who has enjoyed this new version of the list and how it has solved so many problems have Emily to thank for it. She's really a special person who has very kindly contributed a lot to Playtrek. Thanks, Emily, for giving us all something to to which we should aspire. The award is well deserved.

       from Andy:
  Hey, congrats to POTY Emily,
       no one else more deservedly,
  Thanks to her we can still email,
       so to her we should all hail.

  Fun could be her name the middle,
       but can be serious so don't fiddle,
  Raise ye Playtrek glass and toast,
       for Emily really is the most.

December 2004

John has always been a nice guy and fun to have on the list. He's a skilled customizer and he's been with Playtrek for a long time, although he's a bit more of a lurker than many. C'mon, John, speak up! Lately, he's been making many a Playtrekker happy by actually giving away some very nice items from his collection. He wants to be sure these things go to a good home, to people who would appreciate them. And what better way to give back to fellow Playtrekkers. Thanks John. That's really in the spirit of Playtrek. For these reasons and so much more, John is awarded the December Playtrekker of the Month.

November 2004

IAN MCLEAN (aka lindsay96)
Playtrek has had a long friend in this nominee, offering up custom figures, endless kernels of Trek trivia, and mostly Aussie friendship. Ian has been a fun, colorful (blue!) member of Playtrek for a long time now. He's a cornucopia of Trek knowledge, which he is always ready to share with fellow Playtrekkers, especially when it comes to anything to do with Star Trek: The Animated Series, the Star Trek novels and, of course, Andorians. Being in Australia, it's not always easy for him to help out other Playtrekkers with Trek products, but when he does deal with others, he's always fair and hasn't had a complaint yet. Never have I known someone who is so happy being blue. Thanks mate! For these reasons and so much more, Ian is awarded the November Playtrekker of the Month.

October 2004

Sometimes things happen behind the scenes of Playtrek that benefit everyone. Many may not know this, but Playtrek is suffering at the moment. The World servers that host the list are blocking a lot of messages and their support staff is being no help at all. As such, the list may move soon to new, "better serving" servers. A Playtrekker has stepped forward and been willing to help out with mailing list services, with no request for recompense. For this, the October Playtrekker of the Month is Emily Pepperman! Emily has been with Playtrek for a long while, always willing to participate in events and help out where she could. I first remember her showing up way back at Playtrekfest 1999, of which she has photos of the event on her website. She put a lot of time and energy into the ill-fated carded "Flashback" Janeway project. She's been willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to tease Andy Novasitis (it's a long story, that one). She has always been willing to share her enthusiasm for Star Trek, Star Trek collecting and Playtrek by participating in list events. Now, she is willing to host the Playtrek list itself. She embodies the true Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Emily is awarded the October Playtrekker of the Month.

September 2004

ROBERT F. (aka Monkeeman)
The Playtrek spirit of helping each other is the idea behind Playtrekker of the Month and helping someone with toys, even if off topic, at cost only *and* only charging accurate shipping (offering a refund!) is in the true Playtrek spirit. In the many years of Playtrek, Robert has been here almost since the beginning. He's not always been the most public of Playtrekkers, but he's consistently been there, involved in various Playtrek events (contests, etc.) and participating in helping others with "at cost" sales. Even now, with so few Star Trek toys available, Robert has helped with off topic toys at cost, and even went so far as to give a refund when the shipping turned out to be less that what was paid for. And not only that, Robert gave away a HUGE amount of Star Trek CCG cards to fellow Playtrekkers this month. Very cool and a sign of the true Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Robert is awarded the September Playtrekker of the Month.

August 2004

JASON YAO (aka route242)
August proved to be a fun month where there were actually new Star Trek toys to be had. How weird is that? The only problem is that they toys in question were only available at one place and one weekend, making it difficult for Playtrekkers to get their Star Trek toy fix. I'm talking, of course, about the exclusive "Mirror, Mirror" Scotty figure at the San Diego ComicCon. One Playtrekker in particular really went out of his way to help fellow Playtrekkers get this figure, all at his cost only. It can't be easy to buy multiple copies of a hot item at a convention (I know, I've been there) and then have to keep them safe while moving around the show floor. Then, to have to keep track of multiple people paying for it, then boxing them all up and getting them to the post office is a lot of work as well. To do it all at cost only is in the true Playtrek spirit. So kudos to Jason for his efforts. Jason has been with Playtrek for quite a while now, and has always been a pleasant person to have around. Many thanks for your kindness. For these reasons and so much more, Jason is awarded the August Playtrekker of the Month.

July 2004

Andy, as everyone knows, has been a fixture on Playtrek almost since the beginning. He has helped clothe many of us in Playtrek wear over the years. He's sold many a rare toy at cost only. And he's often entertained us with his comedy and infamous Top Ten lists. He's won the Playtrekker of the Month honor many times since its inception and even won the Playtrekker of the Year award in 2000, thus earning the infamous Playtrek Duck. He's touched so many lives on Playtrek that he has surely put a smile on someone's face at one point or other. For the month of June this year, he hosted Playtrekfest 2004 at his beach home in Ocean City, New Jersey, thus he once again earned a POTM nomination. For this reason and so much more, Andy is awarded the July Playtrekker of the Month.

June 2004

AMY OLSHOVE (aka Sci_Fi_Amy)
Amy went out of her way with kindness and selfless efforts to help Playtrekkers who missed the "Star Trek: Enterprise" finale get a copy. Amy came to Playtrek as a relatively new Star Trek fan, originally a Star Wars fan (remember JediAmy?). That's okay, because it's all good. She quickly joined in on the fun and a part of the group. She became such a fan that she changed her screen name to the more generic "Sci_Fi_Amy" to reflect her fandom of both licenses (and more). She's always been eager to join in the various Playtrek contests and events. She's helped out other Playtrekkers with exclusive convention items, met up with other Playtrekkers on occasion, as well as helping other Playtrekkers with the "Star Trek: Enterprise" finale by sending them a copy. For these reasons and so much more, Amy Olshove is awarded the June Playtrekker of the Month.

May 2004

GREG REED (aka Kurr)
Greg is a relatively new Playtrekker who was quick to join in on the fun and get the Playtrek spirit by giving good deals on toys and advice on being a Klingon. Known as Kurr under his Klingon psuedonym, Greg joined Playtrek less than a year ago, but jumped in with both feet and joined in on the fun, including various contests, conversations and some good natured ribbing about the confusion over his name. Added to that, he's quickly made a name for himself on Playtrek by giving some great and fair deals on Star Trek toys and assistance on what it takes to be a Klingon in Star Trek fandom. He's always fun and a pleasure to have on the list. For these reasons and so much more, Greg Reed (aka Kurr) is awarded the May Playtrekker of the Month.

April 2004

CHUCK MACMONEGLE (aka abugdoc)
This is Chuck's second POTM win, and it's well deserved. Chuck has always been a fun participant with Playtrek, always willing to add a comment to various topics and join in the various contests. He's been to nearly all the Playtrekfests, bringing along items to give away and customs to show off. In fact, his customs are legendary on Playtrek, they are so highly regarded. In showing the true spirit of Playtrek, Chuck always trades fairly with other Playtrekkers and sells toys at his cost only. And he is known to occasionally just give stuff away to someone who wants it, such as recently giving away a big box o' toys for free. Plus, he kills bugs for a living, which benefits everyone (except the bugs). It is for these reasons and so much more that Chuck MacMonegle is awarded the April Playtrekker of the Month.

March 2004

Clearly Liza has been going above and beyond the call of duty to her fellow Playtrekkers. In the process of thinning out her collection, she has been helping out many Playtrekkers with "at cost" or sometimes even below her own cost for some of her toys. She's been giving some great deals to fellow Playtrekkers and has gone out of her way to make sure they are taken special care of. Liza is a past winner of the POTM honor, making this her second win. She has always been a fun participant in list activities during her time here and has met up with other Playtrekkers at conventions. It is for these reasons and so much more that Liza Niav is awarded the March Playtrekker of the Month.

February 2004

Pete is a long time Playtrekker and lately he's been going out of his way to give deals to fellow Playtrekkers. Pete has always been active in list activities, and we've certainly shared the ups and downs of his life over the years. We watched him amass his collection, then lose it all due to a woman. This happened not once, but TWICE! But all along, he has dealt with fellow Playtrekkers in the full Playtrek spirit. He's made good deals in selling off bits of his collection and has always been giving fair deals. Once again, he's liquidating parts of his collection and is going out of his way to help fellow Playtrekkers. Way to go, Pete. Thanks for keeping with the Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Pete is the February Playtrekker of the Month.

January 2004

Joe has been with Playtrek almost since its inception. Also known as "Tapestry Joe from Yesterday's Projections," he has been selling off parts of his collection, but he's trying to keep the collection "in the family" of collectors for a fair price and in the process, has been taking extra special care of his fellow Playtrekkers, sometimes just giving the stuff away. And he's been giving away some very rare stuff! Way to go, Joe. Thanks for keeping with the Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Joe is the January Playtrekker of the Month.

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