Playtrekker Of The Month 2005

December 2005

Jordan has shown an incredible generosity to fellow Playtrekkers, often paying close attention to their needs and bending over backwards to help out. More often than not, he simply refuses recompense for his generosity. In December, he did just that, giving toys away to people who asked (and were more than willing to pay). Jordan is a multiple time POTM winner, and he's always been an incredibly kind and generous person, showing a fun, easy personality and a strong altruistic spirit. He may be a generally quiet Playtrekker, however, he has easily touched many lives on Playtrek. He's a truly remarkable soul. And lest we not forget, he's the designer of the very cool Playtrek mousepad from years past! Thanks, Jordan. It is for these reasons and so many more that Jordan is awarded the December Playtrekker of the Month.

November 2005

Liza is a multiple time POTM winner, having taken the honors in both 2003 and 2004. She's shown consistent kindness in helping out fellow Playtrekkers with Trek goodies. This month, Liza was selling off much of her toy collection and she was kind enough to share with fellow Playtrekkers first. She made many a Playtrekker happy with easy and friendly transactions, all with near-giveaway pricing and lightning fast shipping. She's always been very considerate and generous in her sharing with her fellow Playtrekkers. For these reasons and so much more, Liza is awarded the November Playtrekker of the Month.

October 2005

There were no nominations for October, so there's no winner for this month. But, in a larger sense, everyone on Playtrek is a winner.

September 2005

This month's Playtrekker of the Month earned a HUGE number of nominations by giving away a HUGE amount of cool stuff for just the cost of shipping alone. Playtrek was overwhelmed at his generosity and was very grateful to him for the massive giveaway of toys, figures and customs. This kind of gesture is what Playtrek is all about. Way to go, John! On top of that, John is a frequent contributor to Playtrek discussions and a past recipient of the Playtrekker of the Month honor. For these reasons and so much more, John is awarded the September Playtrekker of the Month.

August 2005

Craig Fraser earned numerous nominations for Playtrekker of the Month for his generosity in helping out his fellow Playtrekkers. This month, he offered a bunch of Applause/Hamilton TOS/TNG/DS9 figures to the list for the cost of shipping only. And, not only that, he donated the remainder to the POTM prize bin. Thanks, Craig! He's a frequent contributor to Playtrek and he served with honor on the POTM committee for a long time. For these reasons and so much more, Craig is awarded the August Playtrekker of the Month.

July 2005

Ben has been a member of Playtrek for a long time and he's one of the more helpful fellows you'll ever meet. And he's an all-around great guy, frequently contributing to the fun that is Playtrek. Ben was nominated for Playtrekker of the Month for his help and kindness in obtaining some of the very difficult-to-get exclusives at the San Diego Comic Con. Thanks, Bob, er, Ben! For these reasons and so much more, Ben is awarded the July Playtrekker of the Month.

June 2005

Terry has been a member of Playtrek for quite a while and has helped many people on the list over the years by picking up hard-to-find items. This month, Terry answered a cry for help on the Target exclusive Clone Trooper and offered an elusive Johnny Lightning "white lightning" ship to the list. Now that's the true Playtrek spirit! Over the years, Terry has always been an active and fun member of the list. For these reasons and so much more, Terry is awarded the June Playtrekker of the Month.

May 2005

This month's Playtrekker of the Month is always entertaining. He's a big Trek enthusiast and seems to buy every product in sight. He gets a lot of interesting things and is often quite willing to provide his fellow Playtrekkers with the spoils of his finds either at his costs or for completely free. Michael has been around Playtrek a long time and is one of the most active members of the group. He seems to know about and own every Trek product on the market and has a website to show off his latest finds and keep everyone informed about new stuff. I suspect that many Playtrekkers collect vicariously through him. He's always up on the latest products and never let a UPS delivery man or a TRU slacker stand in his way or there'll be heck to pay. He's often willing to share from his collection and on occasion when he decides to thin his collection, it's Playtrek's gain. He sells at cost or simply gives away bits and pieces of his collection, such as his recent giveaway of several Trek photos. Thanks Mike. That's really in the Playtrek spirit. Obviously Michael is a big fan and he likes to share his love of Star Trek with fellow fans. Plus he takes ketchup jokes well. For these reasons and so much more, Michael is awarded the May Playtrekker of the Month.

April 2005

DAN B. (aka zyzyx1701d)
Dan has been getting ready to move so he needed to get some quick cash and unload some of his Trek goodies so he didn't have to move them. So he sold off a bunch of his minty, appear-to-have-not-been-read-at-all Trek novels to fellow Playtrekkers for below cost. Dan has actually been with Playtrek for a long time now, almost since its inception. (Who could forget an email address like that!) Although he's mostly in lurker mode these days, he still surfaces from time to time to participate in Playtrek conversation and events. This time, his impending move to a new home is Playtrek's good fortune. He's been selling off his Trek novels for below cost, and I (Roberto) was the lucky recipient of 13 of those novels and can tell you that it was a smooth, easy transaction. All the books were in great condition, many looking as if they've never been read. Obviously Dan takes good care of his books because he *had* read them. So thanks, Dan, for sharing your books at a great price in the true Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Dan is awarded the April Playtrekker of the Month.

March 2005

This month's winner has shown her Playtrek spirit by once again giving stuff away to a good home all before payment for the basic items ever arrived. Great stuff. This is Heather's second win for Playtrekker of the Month, which just goes to show what a great person she is. She's always been willing to go the extra mile to help a fellow Playtrekker with a Trek fix by selling at cost and sending extra items for free. In the case of this month, she did so without waiting for payment for the items she was sending, as well as adding in all sorts of extra goodies. Very kind and very much in the Playtrek spirit. For these reasons and so much more, Heather is awarded the March Playtrekker of the Month.

February 2005

Sally has quietly been sharing her toys will fellow Playtrekkers, at cost or simply for free for the past year. In the spirit of Playtrek, she's been willing to help out others in need of more Trek goodies at her expense. Sally doesn't post to the list too often, but when she does, her enthusiasm really shows. She's posted about her adventures buying Star Trek bears and interesting eBay finds. But what's really cool is how she's occasionally giving stuff away, including a 9" Tom Paris doll (which, by the way, is *not* haunted). No request for payment or even shipping costs. Just giving it away to a happy home. That's really in the spirit of Playtrek. Pretty danged cool. For these reasons and so much more, Sally is awarded the February Playtrekker of the Month.

January 2005

Rick has not only been fair and friendly in helping fellow Playtrekkers complete their collections at a great price, he has been an enthusiastic Trekkie, fun, friendly, willing to share behind-the-scenes information on Trek merchandise, and mostly ... HE'S ONE OF US! He's always been a nice guy and fun to have on the list. Who on Playtrek hasn't gotten something from Rick in the mail at some time or other? Rick has consistently helped his fellow Playtrekkers get the best possible deals on the latest Trek toys, including many, many exclusives and rarities at an incredibly reasonable cost. He's even gone out of his way to help with rare out-of-production Trek toys for those that wanted them. Sure, he has a business and he has to make a living selling these toys, but the truth is, he's a Trekkie just like the rest of us. He loves it all, just like us and that's makes him a pretty cool toy dealer to have in our midst. He joins in with Playtrek events and contests, even driving several hours for a Playtrekfest in Atlanta. Pretty danged cool. He's really got the spirit of Playtrek. For these reasons and so much more, Rick is awarded the January Playtrekker of the Month.

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