How Many Playtrekkers Does It Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

Ordinarily, just one. However, in the course of the bulb being replaced...

- One Playtrekker will post a 5 paragraph rant about how we're being 'screwed' by the republicans before realizing we were discussing light bulb replacement.

- One Playtrekker will post a rebuttal 5 paragraph rant specifying how the republicans have done everything in their power to keep the cost of lightbulbs down.

- One overseas Playtrekker will post about how lucky we Americans are to even HAVE lightbulbs.

- One Playtrekker will post a complaint about buying light bulbs from a particular store which packs the light bulbs with an exclusive limited edition light bulb at an exhorbitant price.

- One playtrekker will post a lengthly piece about the history of the lightbulb, having personally known all involved with their creation and has talked with them at conventions. Also likes to dress up as a lightbulb and appear in films as a lightbulb.

- One Playtrekker will post about their trials of ordering lightbulbs via mail-order and how they're never home when Fed-Ex arrives, but then their neighbor ultimately comes up with the box, which now sounds like a baby rattle filled with glass shards.

- One Playtrekker will invite others to view his website which has every color, size, shape, and variation of every kind of lightbulb.

- Several Playtrekkers will chime in to feat praise on a lighbulb dealer in Florida. Good prices, great packing, great service.

- Another group of Playtrekkers will post to the group asking others to buy them lightbulbs at half-price.

- One Playtrekker, who used to be in charge of the light, will post to say he no longer wants to deal with the lightbulb. Lightbulbs now go to Wisconsin.

- One fruit-named Playtrekker will post wishing he could have post something as witty as this... ;)

And finally...

-I just want to know how MOC collectors could ever replace the lightbulb... ?

Hope you enjoyed!