Shatner farts!

Okay, I know this is silly, but it was captured off of DVD and I figured I'd put this up for the world to see. Remember the big fuss that was made about Shatner farting on the Mind Meld DVD? He supposedly let quite a few rip, with the most noticeable being at the [52:47] mark. I've extracted that portion here and done some editing to make it easier to hear.

Fart Sample #1: A full sample, where the subtle sounding noise can be heard on the word "like".
Fart Sample #2: A sample of just the offending sound.
Fart Sample #3: A sample of the offending sound, but mixed so that the fart is louder and Shatner's word is quieter.

Shatner and the crew that put together the DVD says the offending sound is not flatulence, but some of the filming equipment rubbing together as it was being moved during filming. You decide.