Top Ten Ways to Embarrass Bill
(Bill's last name is removed here for privacy purpose, but it should be noted that it rhymes with "Heckler")
Written by Playtrekker Andy Nova

10. Do nothing -- he does just fine embarrassing himself.

9. When you see Bill wandering the toy aisles of the glorious downtown Albany Target Store, walk right up to him and ask, "Where are the Star Track toys?"

8. Whilst at a political party with Bill, mistakenly (on purpose) comment that Hillary Clinton is a great Republican.

7. Use Bill's custom Horta as a hockey puck.

6. Use Bill's custom Horta as a custom Bill *Heckler*.

5. Mention your disappointment that Playmates Toys didn't make enough Picard figures.

4. Introduce him to your newest best friend, billionaire Dorian Potter.

3. Dress yourself up as Bina and crash the New York State Senate Christmas party.

2. Ask him why "Voyager" isn't nominated as Best TV Show Ever.

... and the Number One Way to Embarrass Bill ...

1. Keep saying people are being "borgified."

Hope you enjoyed!