Playtrek Banners!

Below are a selection of Playtrek banners.  Feel free to use them for your website if you wanna put a banner link to the Playtrek website.

Playtrek Banner created by Playtrekker Tim Priebe

Playtrek Banner created by Playtrekker Roberto

Playtrek Banner created by Playtrekker Mark Who Barks

Hey, and if you're a Playtrekker and you want to create your own banner to put up here for anyone to download for their site, please do!  What we have here is pretty slim pickings.  Just remember that a standard banner is 468 by 60 pixels and a square banner is 125 by 125 pixels.  Other sizes apply, so do a little research into what's appropriate if you don't want to use these two sizes.  If you do make a banner, email Dean and let him know you have one and arrangements will be made to get it and put it on this page.

If you want a banner for your site displayed on Playtrek's front page, email Tim and send him the banner and your URL. He'll check it out to make sure it's somewhat related to Playtrek. Any banners submitted should be 468 by 60 pixels.

That's it!