Playtrek 10th Anniversary

On May 11, 2007, Playtrek celebrated its 10th anniversary. Although not nearly as active as it was in its prime, the list was still active. Roberto had abdicated and Dean was running the show. Toys were still being traded. But Playmates had ceased production of their line and the focus of the community had shifted somewhat. Still, things were moving along and Dean had posted: Ten years ago, Roberto said "Let there be Playtrek." to mark the occasion. Below are the responses.

It is hard to believe its been 10 years! Those days on RTAF, looking over
posts trying to find those who needed help with their collection (and asking
for help as well). From there it seems that two things happened, Playtrek
and then SOFTT - who will also be celebrating a 10 year anniversary soon.
Although I don't post as often, I do lurk and seeing familiar names always
puts a smile on my face.

We Are Playtrek
Hi all,

Dean wrought thusly:
>Ten years ago, Roberto said "Let there be Playtrek."

Wow! This anniversary snuck up on me. I was wanting to prepare
something touching and profound to say, but that apparently never
happened. So by the seat of my pants here...

Ten years! Gee, I feel old(er). What fun memories along the way.

I still think of those early days and all the angst we felt over the
Playmates Dress Uniform McCoy, Generations Crusher, T&T O'Brien, et
al. They seem so far away, but I remember them easily as we were all
in the same boat-- desperately wanting these toys and attempting to
band together to avoid the scalpers. It's funny to think about the
worries we feel over a collectible toy, but then I guess that's the
collector mentality. I still experience that feeling today.

Along the way, I suppose when Mara Hart became an integral part of
Playtrek, the list grew from just a bunch of fans banding together to
avoid scalpers. It grew into something bigger than I think any of us
imagined and we actually had a tangible impact on the hobby. We
influenced many of the products being made, including such things as
Keiko O'Brien, Intendant "surfer" Kira and Species 8472. This
culminated in the creation of the Flashback Janeway. That, to me, is
still an ultimate symbol. For asthetic reasons, it's not my favorite
figure, but it sure holds a special place in my collection.

Throughout the journey, I've made a lot of good friends. Many I have
never met face-to-face, but we have exchanged private emails and
shared life's milestones. It's beyond Star Trek toys. We've shared
marriages, divorces, births, deaths, graduations, tornado and
hurricane disasters, and now shipping off to the Middle East. Many
of you I've met and hung out with in person, beit at a Playtrekfest
or just an ordinary get-together-and-hang-out time. Heck, I've even
seen a few of you in your underwear!

It's the shared experiences that makes it fun. Phrases such as
"Bina", "LilQuestie", "Secret Spock" and "NewForce" are all instantly
recognizable many of us. (As well as "raggies" and
"GMBills"...) And that Playtrek party in Vegas-- oh what a cherished
memory as we all stood in wonder on the bridge of the Enterprise and
thought, "is this really happening?" Playtrek is more that just an
email exchange list. It's more than a bunch of Star Trek
toys. Simply put, Playtrek is a community of people with a shared
interest and ultimately, shared experiences.

If I experienced a disaster tomorrow and lost all my favorite Star
Trek toys in an instant, I'd still have my memories. That's my
favorite part of all. It's been a fun journey and I genuinely want
to say "thank you" to all of you for making it so worthwhile.

Keep on Playtrekkin'!

Robert Porter
The Playtrekker formerly known as King Roberto, Roberto Jinx, Senor
Roberto, Zlurph of the Gr!akt Cluster, Buffalo de Amor, Sleestak of Love, etc.
>WOW! Now that makes me feel even
older..ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha My old handle
>was Trekofile at webtv dot net.

Ah, yes. The Original WebTV Bastard Child. We'd be talking about
all sort of fun little
things found on websites running Javascript and poor Michael was left
out in the cold with
his WebTV service. :)

Tear E. Mensa Man queried:
>Is there a way a member can find out when they joined Playtrek?

I know Dean had volunteered to help people with answers to this
question if they joined in the first five years. I have the rest of
the archives (the next five years) if anyone wants me to look up
their first post. I just need the email address you were using at the time.

Ten Years?

In some ways I feel 20 years older, and in others it should only be six months
ago. I have met some fabulous folks in PlayTrek and though I am lurking now,
I do read and try to keep up with many of you. Losing the house (divorce)
forced me to reduce my collecting habit, though the new TOS figures are
piquing my interest once again.

LilQuestie, please come back safe from your deployment.


(founding guinea pig)
10 years. Wow. It seems like almost yesterday that Bill was complaining
about the lack of Picard figures, Ted was in high school, Michael was buying
anything with a Star Trek emblem, Ian was correcting people, Roberto was
obsessing about some Saturday morning kids show, and Kelly was
writing a book about
the obsession we all have. : )

I also discovered Playtrek thru and was so glad I
did. I've been on the receiving end of some wonderful folks generosity (Don
and Louis to name just two). And we can't forget Rick catering to us so much
by getting exclusives and offering them to us at a much lower cost than
anywhere else.

[Raising a glass of prune juice] Here's to Roberto for starting it all, to
Dean for taking over the day-to-day operations, and to all the other members
that make this list a fun place to belong!

omg I must be old. What figures was I talking about?

I remember in 96 I think, going to a big convention in alamaba. a
25th anniversary thing. The entire original cast was there and did
a skit, I remember really enjoying that. Part of the reason we went
was to get the exclusive sulu and chekov from where no man has gone
before. I bought several cases (I still have extras even).

But in summer 97 I can't recall any convention exclusives....

Jeff wrote:
> Ian was correcting people

That's how I'm to be remembered? Gee, thanks. ;)

How about "Ian was amazing people with his vast knowledge of Star Trek"?

Regards, Ian (still correcting people after all these years).
hello all...

hmmm...10 years ago...well, I am getting up there in age (will
be 40 this year), I somehow have trouble remembering yesterday...
but, maybe dean will email me my first post, and that will job my memory...

I do recall some AOL board discussions...prompted by our Huntsville
offering of the Sulu/Scotty sets for about cost to folks that wanted....I
remember being "attacked" by some folks that had gone to the con and that
were trying to sell the sets ffor $200-300, and I was offering for like
$35 a set + shipping (which was just about taxed cost)....I also remember
having about 200 Red datas and selling for $25 each (I had picked them up
from a Miami JCPenny outlet for like $20 for all 4 figures in that 4 pack
they offered in xmas of 95?), when folks were charging $300+....ahh, the "good" ole days


Thanks for the memories!