POTM Committee

  • Robert Porter - Committee Chairman
  • Jeff Beard - Committee Member
  • Chris Rei - Committee Member
  • Freddy Heller - Committee Member
  • Michael Munoz - Committee Member
  • Kurt Mannor - Committee Member
  • Dean Andrade - Committee Member
  • Charles "Sex-God" Apple - Committee Member

POTM Rules and Regulations

  • -Nominations are made by posting to the Playtrek mailing list who is being nominated and why.
  • -A Playtrekker can only nominate one person per month.
  • -Committee members are not eligible.
  • -Past winners are not eligible for one full year after winning the POTM honor.
  • -The official abbreviation is POTM.
  • -The winner gets an honored parking space at the Playtrek headquarters and keys to the Playtrek executive bathrooms.
  • 1000 free AOL hours
  • 20 free Hotmail accounts
  • Playtrekkers CANNOT nominate themselves!!

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